U.S. Green Cards

A person who has a Green Card has been given authorization to remain in the United States on a permanent basis. The card allows them to live and work just as a natural born citizen. Cards are valid for 10 years and must be renewed before they expire.

An immigration attorney can explain the process and helping to fill out and file the appropriate forms. They can also help obtain the documents that are needed to prove a person’s identity as well as any other pertinent information that may be required for a person to be admitted into the country. Working with an immigration attorney will reduce the chance for any errors or mistakes.

There are several ways to obtain a green card. One of the most common ways is to obtain one through family. If a person is an immediate relative of a natural born citizen, another green card holder or a spouse, they may petition for a green card through family connections. Foreign parents of U.S. citizens may also be eligible. The eligibility may also extend to children born of foreign diplomats who live and work in the U.S.

A green card may also be obtained through work opportunities. A person who has been offered permanent employment in the United States can petition for a green card for work purposes. The company offering the position will have to provide a labor certification and file a File-140 and any other necessary documentation to help to obtain the green card. An immigration attorney can help to file the necessary paperwork and make sure all documents are attached that would hasten the process. A person who is investing large amounts of money or starting a business within the United States that would create jobs may also be eligible to obtain a green card for work, providing they offer the necessary documentation.

Refugees and people who have entered the United States seeking asylum are eligible for green cards. A refugee must file for permanent residency after one year of being in the United States. Asylees, on the other hand do not need to apply for a green card, but it is recommended they do so. Immigration attorneys can help individuals know under what conditions they should apply and what documentation they will need to ensure their acceptance. Enlisting the help of an Immigration Attorney can prevent errors and speed up the application process.