10 epic fails while you are applying for a GC (Green Card)

More than one million people annually apply for a GC in the US. This moment is a significant for all families, and for many, it is the first step to “American dream”.

Often the documents which submitted to the USCIS contain errors on the part of the applicants. Because of them, consideration of the issue of issuing a GC may be delayed or even lead to a refusal.

1. You didn’t submit all the necessary documents

Possible loss of time: from 6 months to 2 years
The potential loss of money: $ 500

The application for a GC is not the only form that you fill out and send to the USCIS. The process is not that simple. The application for a GC is a complex of 8-12 official forms plus additional documents.

Together they make an application for a GC. You can apply for a status change for a relative who is already in the US or fills out a GC application for the spouse or parent who lives in another country. In any case, you will have to submit several forms to get a GC eventually.

If you do not submit some form, it will have guaranteed refuse in consideration of the application. In some cases, for example, you can send all required forms to the USCIS at the same time. This is called simultaneous filing, and it helps to shorten the duration of the process for years.

Therefore, it is important to make sure that you not missed any of form or fill they corrected, otherwise you will lose valuable time.

2. Some documents do not have English translate

Possible loss of time: 6 months

When submitting process begin, you hand over a lot of additional papers proving your identity. Such documents as:

  • a birth certificate;
  • marriage certificate;
  • driver’s license;
  • passport;
  • visa;
  • information from a bank account;

If you are not from an English-speaking country, all documents must be translated into English. If you do not translate the documents and do not notarize the translation, it may delay processing the application for up to six months.

3. The documents without a signature

Possible loss of time: 6 months
The potential loss of money: $ 50-100

All time spent on the ideal documents filling will be useless if you do not sign them, and exactly where you need them. This is important: make sure you SIGN ALL DOCUMENTS. Also, make sure you understand correctly what kind of documents are required be a sign and by whom. For a GC application necessary sign, in some places, of “beneficiary” or an “applicant”.

In other cases, the person who sponsors the recipient of the GC is signed, in some place for “petitioner” or “applicant” on different forms. This is difficult to understand, but if you do not understand at all, then USCIS will automatically reject the application. Spend a couple of minutes trying to re-check everything before sending documents to the US government.

4. Incorrect payment of the fee for submitting forms

Possible loss of time: 2-4 months

Many people wrongly pay GC fees for processing applications for a GC. On each form of USCIS instructions are prescribed how much to pay for processing this particular form or application. For an application for a GC, prepare to shell out more than $ 1,000 to the account of the US government. If you pay $ 100-300 – this indicates as an error. USCIS will return you your application along with the invoice to the correct amount, and you will automatically be moved to the end of the queue, which cannot fail to disappoint.

5. You missed important deadlines

Possible loss of time: 6 months
Another possible aftermath: Refusal to accept an application

After your arrival in the United States and the beginning of the GC application process, the clock starts counting down several important deadlines that you are required to know about. Do not forget about the validity of your visa, the date of processing the application, the dates of the interview and, finally, the deadline for renewal after 2 years.

If you miss these dates, your application can be rejected. The US government is very strict about deadlines and suggests that if a person does not fulfill them, he does not want to get a legal residence permit. Make sure that you correctly understand the deadlines on the application, as well as where you need to be at this time, so as not to miss an important meeting and get a GC.

6. Fake personal data

Possible loss of time: 6 months – 1 year
Another possible aftermath: a lifetime ban on entering the USA

Fake personal data, even if it is an accident, can be counted as giving false information in the questionnaire. If the US government suspects you of this, you will ONLY be banned from entering and can force you to leave the US forever. Always have at hand all the dates, places, data on convictions and other important details when filling out forms. So you will avoid mistakes in your data and the subsequent ban on entering the US.

7. Fraud catch you

Possible loss of time: 6 months – 2 year
The potential loss of money: $500-5000

Annually thousands of people trying to get benefits from immigrants. For example — attorney. Highly important to realize that if everything sounds unreal cool, there had some chances that you’ve been cheated. Stay away from the sites, which asking your credit card data and do not give you any guarantee. Avoid untruthful attorney who asked about prepaid before completed your case.

Do most of the work yourself before trusting someone personal immigration documents. If you make a mistake and contact with fraud, you may lose the chance to obtain a residence permit for good.

8. You didn’t ask for help with documents

Possible loss of time: 6 months

If you are trying to do something complicated without someone help, there is a high probability that you will go wrong. When you learn to play chess, mistakes are good, you will grow on them and avoid them in the next game. But immigration is not a game; here mistakes are expensive. Do not waste valuable time and money trying to do everything yourself.

Filling immigration documents frightens even those who speak fluent English. Many organizations and resources can help you with the process. Use them to avoid mistakes. Each year, USCIS rejects more than 100,000 applications because of errors that could be avoided.

Having received the right help, you can easily avoid these mistakes and save many months or even years of expectations. Do not ask for help can be one of the most expensive misses.

9. You do not fit the requirements for apply

Possible loss of time: 6 months

If you apply for a GC, but do not suit the conditions, your application will be denied. This is elementary, but it is sometimes difficult to understand how and when to apply. If you apply for a GC too early, too late or something like that, you will lose many months of valuable time. The USCIS service has developed special tools that you can use to understand. Even if you did everything by yourself, it is sometimes useful to consult an immigration lawyer to make sure that you did not miss anything important.

10. Problems with financial requirements

Possible loss of time: 2-4 months

When you are applying for a GC, you need to have a financial sponsor. This person submits Form I-864, the Affidavit of Support.

There are several requirements for a financial sponsor: he must be a US citizen, he must reside in the US and his income must meet the criteria in Form I-864R, where a subsistence minimum is prescribed to provide a letter of guarantee.

If your sponsor does not earn enough, he can invite another person to act as a co-sponsor, if together their income meets the requirements of the US government.
But if one more person is added as a sponsor, then the income criteria are also increased. In general, in connection with the form of I-864, you can make many errors, so it is highly important that you carefully read the criteria for this papers.

Hope our article save your time, and you will avoid the most common mistakes while getting a Green Card. If you have questions — don’t hesitate — contact us or write comments below!