Federal judge ruling on DACA and DAPA — take action!


On Monday, a Federal district judge in Texas issued a preliminary injunction that temporarily blocks the DACA expansion and new DAPA program.

The Obama Administration is acting quickly to appeal the judge’s decision but it could mean that the start date for the expansion of the DACA program will be pushed back. It is supposed to begin on Feb. 18.

We’re not going to let anyone take this victory away from us! – Sign the petition in support of the President’s immigration action.

Un Juez Acaba de Dictaminar La Demora Temporal de la Acción Ejecutiva de Inmigración. Aquí hay 5 Cosas Que Debes Saber.

El juez de la corte del distrito de Texas, Andrew Hanen, ha mandado que la demanda puesta por 26 estados prosiga, y ha emitido un mandato judicial para retrasar el proceso de aplicación y la protección de deportaciones para millones de inmigrantes que el Presidente Obama anunció el noviembre pasado.

¿Qué es lo que esto significa para familias que se podrían beneficiar de la acción ejecutiva? Aquí hay 5 cosas que deberías saber: http://unitedwedream.org/blog/un-juez-acaba-de-dar-un-mandato-para-demorar-la-accion-ejecutiva-de-inmigracion-aqui-hay-5-cosas-que-deberias-saber/

Texas Can Do Better!

Join us today at the capitol for the Statewide Day of Action to protect in-state tuition for immigrant students, demand accountability on border enforcement and advance the fight for drivers’ licenses!

Texas Can Do Better

February 11, 2015, 11:00am

Texas State Capitol

A Day of Action for Immigrant Opportunity & Government Accountability Join us in Austin for a Statewide Day of Action to protect in-state tuition for immigrant students, demand accountability on border enforcement and advance the fight for drivers’ licenses. Your voice is needed!

Campaign against PEP-Comm in Austin, Texas

Watch this video of some of our members, our director and our allies speaking about our campaign against S-comm and in favor of an Austin free from immigration enforcement. Even though Obama has ended S-comm, the same policies and the same criminalization of our communities continue under a different name with the new PEP-comm program.We continue to fight. Thanks to Bunker Films, Matthew Gossage and Meg Seidel for the video.

Click Here to Watch the Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lRr6VghZc-g

Miren este video que hicieron nuestros miembros, nuestro director y nuestros aliados hablando de la campaña en contra de s-com y en favor de un Austin totalmente libre de Polimigra. Aunque Obama terminó S-comm, siguen las mismas políticas y la misma criminalización de nuestra comunidad con el programa PEP-com. La lucha sigue. Gracias a Bunker Films, Matthew Gossage y Meg Seidel.

Haga clic aquí para ver el video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lRr6VghZc-g

More Than 30,000 African Migrants March in Tel Aviv For Refugee Rights

Tens of thousands of African asylum seekers and their supporters took to the streets of Tel Aviv on Sunday to demand that the Israeli government recognize their refugee status and end the policy of detention without trial.

“More than 30,000 demonstrators marched peacefully,” police spokeswoman Lubra Samri said, which would make the action the largest such rally by migrants in Israel’s history.

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