More Than 30,000 African Migrants March in Tel Aviv For Refugee Rights

Tens of thousands of African asylum seekers and their supporters took to the streets of Tel Aviv on Sunday to demand that the Israeli government recognize their refugee status and end the policy of detention without trial.

“More than 30,000 demonstrators marched peacefully,” police spokeswoman Lubra Samri said, which would make the action the largest such rally by migrants in Israel’s history.

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[KEYE TV] Immigration Advocate Says Abbott’s Lawsuit Sends Wrong Message

The immigrant community doesn’t matter: that’s the message Alejandro Caceres says he hears from Greg Abbott.  “The Republican Party not only does not want to help but they also want to make life as difficult as possible,” he said.

Caceres is the executive director of the Austin Immigrant Rights Coalition.  It’s an agency that promotes human rights, and social and economic justice for immigrants.

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[Washington Post] Flow chart: Who qualifies for Obama’s immigration offer?

By Emily Badger and Kennedy Elliott

The deportation reprieves that President Obama extended to millions of immigrants this week are relatively arbitrary. The president’s executive action would delay deportation for the undocumented mother of a child born in the U.S. on Thursday — but not an undocumented mother who gave birth here one day later. Similarly, the president has offered deferrals to children brought to this country by their parents before their 16th birthday — but not a few weeks after.

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[TX Tribune] The Brief: Right and Left Critique Obama Immigration Action

By John Reynolds

Action being taken by President Barack Obama to shield four million-plus undocumented immigrants from deportation will fall disproportionately on states like Texas.

The Tribune’s Julián Aguilar wrote that Texas has the second highest population of undocumented immigrants, with 1.46 million. The state trails just California in that statistic.

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